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Oliver Byrne, The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid, 1847.
The book has become the subject of renewed interest in recent years for its innovative graphic conception and its style which prefigures the modernist experiments of the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements. 
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Muuratsalo Experimental House, Säynätsalo (near Jyväskylä), Finland. Designed by Alvar Aalto.


Reflect on the adage, “An unexamined life is not worth living,” mentioned by Socrates in his speech.

The axiom of Socrates simply explains that living without being underneath your conscience will be an act of throwing your life away, or, wasting your life. It promotes a healthy, spiritual life of thought in our every action, so that we may make our lives worthy of living, to attach a purpose in our lives.

How is the the Greek idea of the “polis” different from our idea of the early advanced cities of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations? How did the concept of Greek democracy enrich our understanding of a city-state?

The Greek polis was uniquely diverse in the sense of the lack of unity between each city-state. The attitude of the people each city-state cradles think superior of themselves, even though the preconception as one whole people had been there, which is the reason why the city-states are separated. Although this provided a brilliant initial step into Greek culture, this bred benevolence between the city-states. This gave birth to democracy, which was essential and provided useful for those city-states.

The polis is quite the opposite of the Mesopotamian—divided and small, while the Mesopotamian cities were massive; they spread throughout countries, which in retrospect may just have been one whole chunk of land. Though proven giant, Mesopotamian cities were unified in culture under one leader. Really quite the opposite, huh?

Class-A Punk

I try not be stiff, croissant in the A.M.

Martha’s whiff, even the cold buzzes on the FM

In the wind, in the rain, catch one beating my vein

Oh wow, that red raincoat from Spain is quite arcane.

Good day, good day, good day, I said to my three friends

Me, myself, and I, don’t believe in fleeting trends

Calm! Don’t retreat to Bantu, B-A-N-T-U

Jambo, jambo, jambo, my self came out to you.

Non-typical meatball, falafel in the N.N.

Tryna’ impress, telling you stories of Yemen

'If the food is so great, then why the falafel?'

And once you saw the gamble, that is when Eiffel.

All right for the both of us, naem in the P.M.

Good music for the both of us, it’s Miller, Glenn

Too sweet for the both of us, alfajor, not cake

Kwa heri kwa heri, I guess it went…O.K.

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